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Re: [APD] Canadian retail

>"Hmmmm. . . . .Well, can the Canadian folks at least get
>Tropica plants?"
>You bet we can.....at Big Al's...lol
>They are expensive, but worth it. But we also have access to imported plants 
>from Florida, the Far East and eastern Europe. I just depends on how 

Tropica plants are $15 at Big Al's. They're $9 at PetSmart.
If half the leaves have dropped off and you know the guy you
can usually get them for $4. If they're relaly sad you get them
for what they paid for them - $3.

Tropica plants are grown emerse, but from tissue culture
so it's a whole intact plant stuffed in rockwool in
a plastic pot and will grow immediatly in a tank.

Now the stuff from Oriental, and I'm talking about crypts here,
is different. It's grown emerse in the tropica and have very
different leaves than the plants grown indoors in Denmark. But,
the Oriental plants are simply cut off the mother plant and wraped
in foam/lead, 3, sometimes 4 to a bundle. On a good day these are $2
at Menagerie for any one of about a dozen species of crypts. So , it's
a good deal but you do have to endure the rooting and leaf dropping
you get with plants harvested this way. Doesn't make any difference for
bunch plants (they're all $2.50 at the Menagaerie for almost any species you
can name) of course. But, ahem, Crypts 4 for $4 leads to things like
big tanks with 6o new plants and ammonia from same you can watch rise
hourly. I lost a couple of shrimp from this before I figure out
what was going on.


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