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[APD] Canadian retail

S. Heiber asked:
"Hmmmm. . . . .Well, can the Canadian folks at least get
Tropica plants?"

You bet we can.....at Big Al's...lol

They are expensive, but worth it. But we also have access to imported plants from Florida, the Far East and eastern Europe. I just depends on how committed the store is about meeting a need. Here in Toronto, Menagerie Pets (which doesn't carry Tropica) has probably the best plant selection in the city and the guy who runs the fish/plant department has probably forgotten more than most of us will ever know. Many of the nurseries that they deal with also sell their plants in little plastic pots (like Tropica) and they are very healthy.

But try personally getting an aquatic plant from the US into Canada....the "Plant Protection Police" don't seem to realize that our frigid northern winters would kill any tropical aquatics long before they posed a threat to native species. The paperwork is so involved that only retailers find it worthwhile doing.

James Purchase

PS to Ben Hong - Sorry, I wasn't trying to be "rude" to you, but having been involved in this hobby for so long, I've heard the line way too many times. As Richard Sexton has pointed out, thinking outside the box (going to a lighting distributor or a hardware store) can quite often get you what you want rather than shopping exclusively at a LFS.

As for "shopping Canadian", I shop where I can get the best price - regardless if its in Canada, the US, or in Europe.


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