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RE: [APD] Re: Online Shopping in Canada

>the reason for the higher prices is that Big Al's has no retail stores in
>the U.S but they do in Canada. They have to have the same or close the the
>same pricing as their retail operations for Canadian customers or who would
>bother going to the retail stores? They are or can be 5% cheaper than any
>other Canadian on line store such as Mops or J&L as Big Al's will match any
>other price for the identical item and reduce that price by a further 5% as
>well as ship for free if the order is more than $25 or $30.00.

Silly games. 2L of Excel is $18.95 US on the US website (that's 
$23.77 CAD) but it's $48 in the store and on the Canadian website.

If they price-match + 5% the MOPS price it's still $37.

Silly games.


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