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Re: NFC: NFC server (techie computer geek stuff)

I realize this thread is straying off topic, but I just want to put my
two cents in.

There is nothing wrong with the Cyrix chips.  I have been using one for
a couple of years now and have never had a problem with it.  My 686
PR200+ has an actual clock speed somewhere around 150 MHZ, but my system
runs faster than the Pentium 233 on my desk at work.  There may be other
factors, such as the fact that I built it from selected components
(versus cheesy components often used by name brand manufacturers), but
point is the chip is fine.

Pentium may be the "best", but dollar for dollar Cyrix is the way to
go.  Unfortunately, they have just dropped out of the PC chip race.  I
guess they just got left behind in a market where the "best" and the
"cheapest" win.  A year or two ago, I would have predicted AMD to fall
first, but now I guess they can raise their prices!

Chris Hedemark wrote:
> "D. Martin Moore" wrote:
> > I would have concerns about the reliability of this system, epecially
> > with a Cyrix CPU (anybody for fried eggs?).
> Based on what?  I am writing this message from a Cyrix machine.  Works
> great!
> > And keep in mind that
> > the actual clock rate of a Cyrix is considerably lower than the
> > model number would have you believe.
> If you are referring to the overall performance being lower than the
> actual clock rate would indicate, then yes, a Cyrix 233MHz chip will
> *not* be as fast as an Intel 233MHz CPU.  Clock rates are only useful
> for comparing chips by the same manufacturer within the same family.
> Nevertheless, without a GUI running, the 300MHz CPU is to be taken
> seriously.
> > I am highly suspicious of
> > PC100 memory that cheap too.  The rest is in line.
> Actually the price for PC100 memory from Intrex is generally *higher*
> than mail order averages.  That's why I like to site them as a price
> source.  Give you wiggle room to account for fluctuating prices on
> memory. :-)
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