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Re: NFC: NFC server (techie computer geek stuff)

> "D. Martin Moore" wrote:
> > I would have concerns about the reliability of this system, epecially
> > with a Cyrix CPU (anybody for fried eggs?).  
> Based on what?  I am writing this message from a Cyrix machine.  Works
> great!

A lot of folks are perfectly satisfied with Cyrix.  I've seen 'em pop 
(literally),too.  They run much hotter than either Intel or AMD.  I see 
so many machines every day, and the Cyrix machines are the 
most prone to problems.  But a lot of that has to do with the fact 
that they're cheap systems anyway.
> > And keep in mind that
> > the actual clock rate of a Cyrix is considerably lower than the
> > model number would have you believe.  
> If you are referring to the overall performance being lower than the
> actual clock rate would indicate, then yes, a Cyrix 233MHz chip will
> *not* be as fast as an Intel 233MHz CPU.  Clock rates are only useful for
> comparing chips by the same manufacturer within the same family.
> Nevertheless, without a GUI running, the 300MHz CPU is to be taken
> seriously.

No, I mean that a "233" Cyrix does not run at 233 MHz.

> > I am highly suspicious of
> > PC100 memory that cheap too.  The rest is in line.
> Actually the price for PC100 memory from Intrex is generally *higher* than
> mail order averages.  That's why I like to site them as a price source. 
> Give you wiggle room to account for fluctuating prices on memory. :-)
> -- 

You're right there.  Last time I checked I was paying more than that 
direct from the manufacturer.  Guess it's been a while!

Bottom line is, if we admit that nobody has time to be a honest-to-
goodness administrator, then wouldn't we want a relialbe system?  
I'm betting the $30 case does not have a UL-listed power supply.  I 
agree, it doesn't have to be expensive.  Another $100 would get 
you more reliable components.  


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