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Re: NFC: Re: California

Wright is right.  (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

With a standard fishing license you can collect "baitfish".  It is
definitely not kosher to return any you have removed and kept for any
length of time.

There is one CA regulation I always found interesting.  If you ever
catch a Northern Pike, you are obligated to kill it immediately by
chopping its head off.  You are not to ever put one back in the water,
not even a dead one with its head chopped off.  I believe I remember
reading something about sending the remains to the DNR, but I don't
remember whether it was a directive or a just a request.


Wright Huntley wrote:
> "D. Martin Moore" wrote:
> >
> > Well, for one you can't collect live fishes in California.  At all.
> I don't know exactly where that notion came from. Catching "minnows for
> bait" is quite legal, AFAIK. What you do with them afterward is nobody's
> business. Just be sure to have your fishing license along. Also, never,
> ever, release them back into other waters. *That* is really frowned on.
> You can't collect live *game* fish. Maybe that's what was being referred to.
> There are large numbers of non-game "native" species in CA. Many are
> threatened or endangered by introduced "exotics" such as *Gambusia*. Killies
> like *Lucania parva* are common all around SF Bay in brackish and
> fresh-water estuaries. While introduced from elsewhere, they are not
> considered an "exotic" because they come from somewhere within the US. By
> some bureaucrat's warped view, they are thus considered a "native" fish.
> (^_^)
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