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Re: NFC: NFC server (techie computer geek stuff)

I would have concerns about the reliability of this system, epecially 
with a Cyrix CPU (anybody for fried eggs?).  And keep in mind that 
the actual clock rate of a Cyrix is considerably lower than the 
model number would have you believe.  I am highly suspicious of 
PC100 memory that cheap too.  The rest is in line.

> (prices rounded to nearest whole dollar)
> 128MB SDRAM (PC100) - $130
> 100MHz AT motherboard - $75
> Cyrix M2/300MHz CPU - $50
> Pentium cooling fan - $6
> 8.6GB hard disk - $160
> Mid-tower case - $30
> SVGA video - $25
> 100Mbps Ethernet - $20
> Subtotal - $496


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