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Re: NFC: NFC server (techie computer geek stuff)

"D. Martin Moore" wrote:

> I would have concerns about the reliability of this system, epecially
> with a Cyrix CPU (anybody for fried eggs?).  

Based on what?  I am writing this message from a Cyrix machine.  Works

> And keep in mind that
> the actual clock rate of a Cyrix is considerably lower than the
> model number would have you believe.  

If you are referring to the overall performance being lower than the
actual clock rate would indicate, then yes, a Cyrix 233MHz chip will
*not* be as fast as an Intel 233MHz CPU.  Clock rates are only useful
for comparing chips by the same manufacturer within the same family. 
Nevertheless, without a GUI running, the 300MHz CPU is to be taken

> I am highly suspicious of
> PC100 memory that cheap too.  The rest is in line.

Actually the price for PC100 memory from Intrex is generally *higher*
than mail order averages.  That's why I like to site them as a price
source.  Give you wiggle room to account for fluctuating prices on
memory. :-)


Chris Hedemark
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