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Re: NFC: Re: California

"D. Martin Moore" wrote:
> Well, for one you can't collect live fishes in California.  At all.

I don't know exactly where that notion came from. Catching "minnows for
bait" is quite legal, AFAIK. What you do with them afterward is nobody's
business. Just be sure to have your fishing license along. Also, never,
ever, release them back into other waters. *That* is really frowned on.

You can't collect live *game* fish. Maybe that's what was being referred to.

There are large numbers of non-game "native" species in CA. Many are
threatened or endangered by introduced "exotics" such as *Gambusia*. Killies
like *Lucania parva* are common all around SF Bay in brackish and
fresh-water estuaries. While introduced from elsewhere, they are not
considered an "exotic" because they come from somewhere within the US. By
some bureaucrat's warped view, they are thus considered a "native" fish.


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