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Re: NFC: Re: survey

> To get back to the discussion of keeping natives, I used to breed
> Hippocampus zosterae (the second smallest seahorse in the world) in ten
> gallon tanks, and raise the young with the adults.  I'd bet I could keep
> the adults in much much smaller tanks and use the 10's as grow-outs.
> Anyone here who is used to culturing their own live foods will have NO
> TROUBLE whatsoever getting H. zosterae to breed like cockroaches.  The
> adults take baby brine shrimp and the babies will eat glassworm larvae.

Are H. zosterae the same critters you can order from the backs of
magazines? If so, those were the very same fish that lured me into
marine aquariums. And you're right, when it comes to breeding, I've
likened them as the guppies of the saltwater world. A year after
receiving my first batch of six in the mail, I had the little buggers
living in jars, plastic critter tanks and golfish bowls all over my
bedroom. Probably could have started my own mail order business.

Prolific as they were, they never seemed to live much longer than a
year. Is that normal, or was I doing something wrong? I've always

Tony Gustafson

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