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Re: NFC: Flagfish

Tony wrote:

> They were a
> tough sell, because as you mentioned, most people do go for the flashier
> species.

I used to work in a pet shop, and my wife managed one for years.  The
American Flagfish were too expensive to be sellers.  With standard
markup, they'd come up just shy of $5.00.  $4.99 seemed to be the
arbitrary upper limit on what people would spend on fish without
stopping and saying "Oh my, that's expensive".  Plus with so many other
fish to choose from for much less money and much greater display of
colors, the poor American Flagfish wouldn't get a second glance.  Tough
little fish, but it doesn't jump out at you at the pet shop.

> Hmmm... Perhaps if we started painting them like some fish farms do to
> tetras, we could make a few bucks ;-)



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