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Re: NFC: Flagfish

My first aquarium was a 20 gal brackish setup with, among other things,
a pair of flagfish. One died after a month or two from ich, but the
other survived into the next year when I converted the tank into a
marine setup (for dwarf seahorses). I eventually gave the little guy to
a friend, who then kept him in a freshwater aquarium. In every
environmental situation, freshwater, brackish and marine, the flagfish
seemed to do just fine. Really a quite impressive little fish!

I've seen them for sale in pet stores, but only every once in a blue
moon. In my four years as a fish-jockey at the local pet store, I think
we may have ordered only two or three shipments of flagfish. They were a
tough sell, because as you mentioned, most people do go for the flashier

Hmmm... Perhaps if we started painting them like some fish farms do to
tetras, we could make a few bucks ;-)

Tony Gustafson

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