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NFC: Re: survey

1. Where are you from?
	Grew up about 4 miles north of the Platte River-within 2 miles of 5 large
sandpits-in Lexington NE.  Currently live in Staplehurst, NE about 100
yards from the Blue river.  
2. How often do you check your e-mail?
	8-9 times a day (I am on about 21 mailing lists-receive ca. 1,300 posts a
day; also use e-mail to collaborate on some research projects)
3. What is your favorite thing about the NFC list?
	Sometimes I get some good ideas.
4. What is your least favorite?
	Excessive quotings and cross-postings.  
5. If you could make one change, what would it be?
	Maybe a simple guide to posting and replying sent out with the
subscription confirmation. 

	Having said that, I guess I should introduce myself.  My name is Jim
Colburn, as I mentioned above I live in Nebraska.  I have had aquariums off
and on for at least 30 years-my dad cut the top off a glass brick and I
kept a pair of small sunfish in it during the summer of '69, when I was 3
years old.
	After a ten year vacation from college, I am now a student at the
University of Nebraska Lincoln, studying to be a Special Education teacher.
 I am paying for this working in the bio department, mostly doing research.
 Current projects involve planning and preparing a variety of aquariums for
a class.
	Recent research has involved feed research for larval yellow perch, some
artemia research, rotifers, and some other live foods.  Classwork-wise, I
just completed a class in freshwater algae, got sidetracked there doing a
survey of algae in local lakes and streams.  
	In a past life, I was production manager of a company called "Aquatic
Products International"-remember "Sea Dragon" frozen brine shrimp from the
early '90s?  That was us.  While there, I did some research into additional
live foods.
	I have a pet channel cat in a nearby farm lake that I have "kept" for
almost 7 years, and am working on a small pond (200'X100') for some
aquaculture experiments a friend and I want to try.
	Oh, yeah-I kept 2 clownfish  and an anemone in a 2 gallon hex tank for
almost three years (the tank got broken or I might still have them).  I
tend to be pretty serious about water quality.  
Take care
Jim Colburn