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Re: NFC: Re: survey

Tony wrote:

> Thank you! I've been arguing with people for years that marines (the
> fish, not the military types) can be successfully kept in mini-tanks.
> I kept a young moray in a 4 gal desktop tank for over a year (before the
> critter grew too large) and had various damsels (none of whom died) in
> goldfish bowls. Whenever I bring it up, most people looks at me like I'm
> nuts.

One of my colleagues when I worked at Duke U. had a MacIntosh computer
gutted out and fitted with a tank inside where the screen goes.  He had
some live rock and a single cherub angelfish in there.  Did great.  The
light was an incandescent which doubled as a heater.  I don't think he
even had a gallon of water in there.

Remember, many of these fish can survive tidepool conditions where the
salinity shoots up to the point where you'd swear the water has a grit
to it, and the temperature gets almost like a jacuzzi.  Then just as
suddenly as it goes crazy, it gets right again when the tide comes back

To get back to the discussion of keeping natives, I used to breed
Hippocampus zosterae (the second smallest seahorse in the world) in ten
gallon tanks, and raise the young with the adults.  I'd bet I could keep
the adults in much much smaller tanks and use the 10's as grow-outs.

Anyone here who is used to culturing their own live foods will have NO
TROUBLE whatsoever getting H. zosterae to breed like cockroaches.  The
adults take baby brine shrimp and the babies will eat glassworm larvae.


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