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Re: bananna plant

>>>>> "BR" == BlackNet Runner <br at ldl_net> writes:
BR> Seriously tho; 12 inches (31cm) is way big. especially for the 4" that
BR> is advertised :)  From further research I have it also listed as banana
BR> lily, nymphoides aquatica, and if it is a lilly then it can grow to
BR> about 1-5 feet tall.  My question concern here is there's alot of
BR> misleading information on this plant.

Nymphoides aquatica has two distinct phases. The first phase is the
cute little plant we see in the aquarium books. Once it matures the
"banana" tubers disappear and it moves into the big floating-leaved
pond lily phase. The big leaves break off the plant and float
away. New plantlets (first phase) form from these drifting leaves. I
have a banana plant that grew from a big leaf a friend's plant threw
up. He just gave me a leaf with 7" of stalk attached. The leaf was
about 6" diameter, green on the top and red on the bottom, and was
spongy. I put this leaf into my aquarium and let it float around. The
end of the stalk grew roots and the leaf and stalk disintegrated. I
stuck the roots in the substrate. At the moment the plant has put up 3
tiny aquarium-book leaves. It has no "bananas" yet.

Hope you have a very nice day, :-)
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