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Re: PMDD - Ratio of K2SO4 to KNO3

Hi again,

Well, isn't it odd how chance accidents uncover new discoveries....  First,
let me say that it's a very bad idea to open the siphon drain on a tank and
then forget it and leave the house on an errand....  When I returned it had
somehow stopped, leaving about 1/4 of the water in my 65 gallon plenum tank
I'm messing with.  So now the experiment changed from adjusting ratios to: how
to quickly refill a tank using tap water that is 9.8 pH when the tank had been
under CO2 control at 6.8.  (It took a while and nobody died.)  But to my
amazement, the tank looks better than ever and I think Steve Pushak's response
is right on the money - CaCO3 might have been the limiting factor that I was
missing.  With almost all new water the green spot algae died overnight and
the plants are bubbling like crazy.  (Our water is about 120 ppm GH)   I set
up an African Cichlid tank using aragonite - is aragonite a good source of
CaCO3?  The archives indicated that either Hach chemicals or dietary
supplement tablets are the commercially available forms.  Or maybe just
frequent water changes....