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: healthy bounching baby algae

BlackNet Runner <br at ldl_net> wrote:

> After introducing this mean green eating machine the green
>algae is rapidly disapearing!  My concern is after a certain point
>there may be no algae left for it to consume and may die The
>question I would like to pose is if one has an algae eater then
>shouldn't some algae growth be encouraged? just to keep the eater
>healthy and fit?  No sence starving it to death for a 'nice' lookingtank.

Well,  I remember having the same worry.  Parodoxicly,  while  most of
the inhabitants ate flake food only and the cory's ate bottom food only,
the algae eaters ate flake food, bottom food, and their (occationally
supplemented) zuccini.

Bottom line,  while initially I worried they would be the worst fed, the
algae eaters ended up being the best fed inhabitants of my tank!

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net