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RE: bananna plant

>> I have 2 bananna plants too, and one of them have a stalk that reach
>> surface (12 inches). Are your leaves red? Mine is a pale green with
>> spots. Not very attractive.
>> Kenny Song
>> Penang, Malaysia

Well it's a vivrant green looking color on the stalks, the leaves looks
more of a rusty brown/redish color, mostly concentrated in the veins,
where as the bottom of the leaves is a more plesant greenish color :)
The top does look like it's suffering from some deficiency, but then so
does all the other bananna plants i've seen photo's of :)

Seriously tho; 12 inches (31cm) is way big. especially for the 4" that
is advertised :)  From further research I have it also listed as banana
lily, nymphoides aquatica, and if it is a lilly then it can grow to
about 1-5 feet tall.  My question concern here is there's alot of
misleading information on this plant.