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Black Brush Algae

>>posted something Black Brush Algae related and up to now I haven't got a
>>satisfying answer yet for the question below.
>Very frustrating, I know.

OK, I feel better now. Lots of people responded this time. I was pleasantly
surprised by your answer that sounded much more friendly than my original
post once I saw it on the list. (Did not mean to...)

>... And who says SAEs
>will not clean up a BBA infested tank?? I have had them do just that
>several times. And by the way, the black looking hairy algae is the hardest
>to handle and even with good balancing and SAE's you will see small spots
>of it here and there. The point is that it doesn't matter if there are some
>small spots here and there. <g>

Don't mind the small spots and my wife (and others) actually like the stuff
(looks "christmassy"). I've seen true SAE at work, team of 3 rather big ones
in a display tank. looked like a lawnmower, but my "lawn" is so much higher.

>I recommend taking out a few net fulls of platies and adding several SAEs.
>in Vancouver where it is finally raining.

I started with 2 males and one female 2 years ago. I've had an
(unfortunately,false) SAE from the start and an Ancistrus. My wife and
children won't let me get rid of them. they might let me give away some
(parrot variatus) platies. But most of them are sooo beautiful...

Most people gave me all the usual advice, and they are probably right,
thanks to all, maybe I respond to them later. If I ever start a new tank it
will be different ( No more platies, or only together with a "predator" to
keep them at bay. They do eat their own young, but as these have so many
plants ( half a bucket of Cabomba every 2 weeks, with CO2 that is) to hide
in and so much food to find , precisely in those BBA, this is hardly
sufficient. I've thought about keeping them with Firemouth Chiclids, anybody
have an idea if this would work?The little fishies are VERY fast, and I have
yet to see a fish that starts/stops and turns faster than (my) platies, even
if their top speed is a bit low.) And I'll start it "fresh". These BBA
indeed came with a Crypt in my 10 gallon, followed me (with plants and some
filter sponge/water) to a temporary 20 gallon (got the platies at this time)
and to my present 30 (more like 35-40, it holds 120L "net" ) gallon. The
next one will be 100-150 gallon, but it won't be for tomorrow ( nothing
wrong with dreaming is there?).

Wim (a bit less frustrated now)
in Belgium, where it seems to rain ALL the time)