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Re: [APD] Securing Tanks for Earthquakes

S. Hieber wrote:
> One problem with elastic suspension is knowing the resonant frequency of the loaded assembly. If it's near abut 5-10 Hz, it's could move even more in a quake than without. Now, ifyou coul get it to resonate 180 degrees out of phase with the quake, well, then things could get interesting. ;-\

That's why I don't want it very elastic. I would like it to have just a 
small amount of give to dampen the inertial forces rather than having 
the tank jerked back and forth by the wall anchors. Most of the 
earthquakes I have experienced living in the Los Angeles area (6 of 
them) have most of the shaking as lateral motion. Only two had 
significant vertical motion, but there's not a lot I can do about 
vertical motion anyway.

Jerry Baker
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