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Re: [APD] Re: Newbie (Mark & Peta)

Thank you for your reply, I appreciate the instruction.
Will implement into my plans...Mark
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> Mark & Peta,
> The real problem with using the coral substrate is that your KH will be
> high, you will have a VERY high pH buffering capacity, and will cause you
> have a very high pH. If you are using a pH controller to control your CO2
> injection and your KH is too high you will end up having to inject so much
> to bring the pH down you will have unsafe levels of CO2. There are some
> helpful charts that show the CO2/pH/KH relationship (remember it is a
> estimate... the chart doesnt account for everything), but these charts
> give you an idea of how much CO2 you need to achieve a certain pH with
> given KH and help you understand this relationship. You can find them by
> a search online.
> This is all assuming you are wanting to achieve a pH around 7.0, if you
want a
> high pH, there really isn't a problem. Keep an eye on your KH and pH, and
> please don't be fooled by thinking that CO2 is the be all end all solution
> fixing any pH problem you might have... if your KH is too high, you might
> an unsafe level of CO2 to achieve your desired pH. I hope this helps you
> Because of the "newbie" subject of your post, I made no assumptions of
what you
> know already, so if this is all old news please don't be offended by me
> explaining it to you.
> Quoting Mark & Peta <mbethke at socal_rr.com>:
> > as for the Carbonate substrate it's fine grain size incourages very good
> > root growth. I was wondering about it's use in a FW aquarium BUT, in
> > I used to snorkle in the larger pools in the everglades. The water was
> > clearest I've seen and the bottom is made up of coral sand (from paleo
> > systems that have since broken to sand) and the aquatic plants had very
> > root systems, some were impossible to remove . The aquatic life in these
> > pools was amazing.
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