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RE: [APD] 20 Years My Eye!

Lots of peole have diff experiences - or the things
wouldn't stil be around all these many decades.  yet, many
people buy these things and don't use them much or find
them too much of a hassle, what with charging and
recharging and flushing. So you can find lots of them on

Much harder to find the System One on Ebay. ;-)  If you
find the Vortex too much fuss and bother but want diatom
filtering, the take a look at the System One -- no fuss no
muss is one of it's primary virtues -- shorter run time and
more noise are it's drawbacks.

The Vortex bottle is pretty hard to crack. In the olden
days, when they were made of glass, they were easy to crack
-- and they were heavier to lug around. The jar on the
system one is made of the same kind of plastic as the

But you might just skip diatoms altogether and find that a
Magnum with the fine micron filter is adequate for those
ocassional polishes.

Scott H.

--- Rick Engstrom <rick703 at mts_net> wrote:
> timely post as I was just checking prices best prices on
> line for this
> product. OTOH I have read many posts praising the
> product. Unfortunate you
> had this experience.
> Rick
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> Now that I've gotten to use my vortex, I've run into yet
> another problem.
> The jar has cracked on the bottom.  After already having
> purchased a
> defective product (no fan) and dealing with it never
> sealing properly
> because the jar isn't circular, and now this, I'll never
> consider one of
> their products again.  I hope other people have different
> experiences with
> it, . . 

S. Hieber
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