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Re: [APD] Re: Newbie (Mark & Peta)


Is there any particular reason you are using coral sand as substrate?  It's
a rather unusual type of substrate for a fresh water planted tank.  With CO2
injected, it's like a calcium reactor for a salt water tank.

Judging from what you wrote, you seem to have cyanobacteria and some other
type of algae, besides occasional green water type algae.

Do you use any sort of CO2 reactor?

I believe a digital chemical analysis system(s) that would measure various
nutrient levels would be extremely pricey.  I think most of us here find
common reagent type testers quite satisfactory for our needs.  After a
while, people seem to establish their own fertilizing regimen that suits the
needs of their particular set ups and it becomes unnecessary to do a
frequent testing unless a tank develops a problem.  It's been a long time
since I used any testers for my planted aquariums.

It is correct that CO2 is not absorbed at night.  Some of us have our CO2
turned off at night.

When it comes to fertilizers, Seachem's products and Tropica Master Grow
have been popular among people on this list as well as other DIY method that
some of us call a PMDD approach.

You might find the Krib interesting to read.  It's full of very helpful
information: http://www.thekrib.com/


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