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Re: [APD] Re: Newbie (Mark & Peta)

Thank you Tomoko,
as for the Carbonate substrate it's fine grain size incourages very good
root growth. I was wondering about it's use in a FW aquarium BUT, in florida
I used to snorkle in the larger pools in the everglades. The water was the
clearest I've seen and the bottom is made up of coral sand (from paleo reef
systems that have since broken to sand) and the aquatic plants had very deep
root systems, some were impossible to remove . The aquatic life in these
pools was amazing. I couldn't identify most of what I saw , no alligatorss
(or what I really worried about) alligator snapping turtles or alligator gar
(some of them were huge) but most CLEAR pools don't harbor gators, they like
the deep tanic pools or the pea soup green pools . They are ambush
predators. Now the Slat water crocs were a different story, you never knew
when you might run into one in the mangroves. And they are much, much more
They will actively hunt you out as they think you are envading their space.
BUT Back to the FW pools , at the time I wasn't actively involved  in the
aquarium hobby, wish I was as I saw some beautiful species there . the
closer you look the more you see. Oh and that big rock with hair algae on it
, probably a snapper, steer clear, they are very good at staying still until
you are on them and one bit is three fingers.
I used to camp out on the hammocks , they are like miniture islands with so
much life, the liguus tree snails are amazing not to mention the orchids and
bromilliands. If you ever get a chance to visit and camp do it , it's
fantastic .
oh, PS, yes I have a CO2 supply, and I think I'll pass the cost of the
analysis equipment off on my taxes, He He
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> Mark,
> Is there any particular reason you are using coral sand as substrate?
> a rather unusual type of substrate for a fresh water planted tank.  With
> injected, it's like a calcium reactor for a salt water tank.
> Judging from what you wrote, you seem to have cyanobacteria and some other
> type of algae, besides occasional green water type algae.
> Do you use any sort of CO2 reactor?
> I believe a digital chemical analysis system(s) that would measure various
> nutrient levels would be extremely pricey.  I think most of us here find
> common reagent type testers quite satisfactory for our needs.  After a
> while, people seem to establish their own fertilizing regimen that suits
> needs of their particular set ups and it becomes unnecessary to do a
> frequent testing unless a tank develops a problem.  It's been a long time
> since I used any testers for my planted aquariums.
> It is correct that CO2 is not absorbed at night.  Some of us have our CO2
> turned off at night.
> When it comes to fertilizers, Seachem's products and Tropica Master Grow
> have been popular among people on this list as well as other DIY method
> some of us call a PMDD approach.
> You might find the Krib interesting to read.  It's full of very helpful
> information: http://www.thekrib.com/
> Tomoko
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