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[APD] ack! Anubias!

Hello ...

in a momentary fit of madness, I ordered a bunch of "rare" (1)  anubias
from aquariumplants.com . The plants arrived today, in decent shape,
but none were labeled.

Since anubias can be notoriously difficult to ID, does anyone know
of a good document for identifying them? I seem to remember a
website, but cannot find the url.

These are what I purchased: afzelli, caladifolia (var. of barteri), gilletii,
pynaertii, gracilis, heterophylla, lanceolota.

My next challenge, how to keep the damned @!*#$! algae off those
cute little plants.


(1) my personal definition of "rare" is anubias that are not often carried by my LFS, Aquarium Center in Randallstown, Maryland.

------------------------- Shireen Gonzaga Baltimore, MD

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