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Battle of the BBA

Hello Folks:
    I am wondering why DIY CO2 is considered culpable
in the propigation of algea while bottled CO2 is not. 
Is it because the yeast are giving us more than mere
CO2?  What else might the yeast be putting into the
gas mix? I have my DIY CO2 filling another smaller
bottle containing salt water before it goes into my
filter intake.  I have the tubing submerged in the
saltwater so it kills off any yeast that make it that
far before it goes into my tank.  
    Also, you have to be carefull with the peroxide
treatment.  I lost some species of plants because they
were very delicate.  Potamogeten gayi won't hold up to
peroxide and neither will micarnthemum
micranthemoides.  I resorted to putting the equivalent
of a shower cap on my submerged wood and then
injecting the peroxide inside the cap and around the
wood leaving it that way for 3 days.  This will kill
off the BBA on the wood and didn't hurt my plants. 
But, Behold- the BBA always grew back.
    I will be taking a more diagnostic view at my set
up and trying to implement what Tom and others have
been saying on this list.  I know I will need to get
certain chmicals I don't yet have.  But I cannot yet
afford injected CO2.
    I do have another tank that I set up in the hopes
of having my apisto panduros breed and that will have
no CO2.  It will have potted plants.  I sure hope the
BBA doesn't show up in the non CO2 tank.
Thanks Diana  

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