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RE: Java Fern too large

You can cut back the largest leaves and not worry about harming the
overall plant.  Java Ferns are very tough and resilient.  Let the leaves
float in the tank after you cut them and they will develop brown spots.
These spots will slowly develop roots and become small java fern plants
(over a few weeks).  With these you can slowly grow out your larger
leaves and replace them with smaller ones - or just use the smaller ones
in other areas of the tank.

Another option is to try and track down some Java fern var. windolev.
It's not a very common type in the US, but it does stay smaller, the
largest leaves mine has every developed have been around 4"-5" long - a
great size for smaller tanks (5-20 gallon).  I've got some I could
harvest if anyone is interested.  Nothing to set up a full tank mind
you, but enough to get a good "starter colony" going.

Chris, in wet Charlotte, NC.