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Re: Non-CO2 tanks

Sean wrote:

> I just wanted to say that I love all and any talk about non-CO2 injected
> aquariums and I wish there was more because I KNOW I am not the only one
> without it!!
> I personally have a ten gallon tank with no CO2 injection and I love
> it...seems much more natural and IMHO technology just makes my life so
> much more complicated and expensive.

Sean, you're not alone...I've got CO2 and I've got some non-CO2, also.

I like the growth, pearling, and challenge of CO2. I've also got a 10G that is FULL of Windelov ferns and quite a few Vals, all overruns. I like that tank as much as the others. It's got a trio of A. Panduros and a couple small SAEs. On occasion, a little green hair algae will try to grow on the leaves right below the light, but the SAEs seem to keep it in check. Some spot algae makes it on the front and back glass, but wipes away easily. I do a 30-40% water change every two weeks. It's got Fluorite and a 15 watt T-8 Chroma 50 bulb. Growth is slow, but it looks like a green forest every time I enter the room. It's a happy little guy!

BUT, for a weekly, look-at-the-size-of-that-plant reaction, CO2 can't be beat. It still amazes my wife (non-aquarist) after 7 years of growing.

Jamie <"///><