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Re: CO2 Utopia??

I use pressurized CO2 injection also, and I inject into the intake of Eheim 
filters. You may be fine with the way you are set up, but I think you'd have 
even greater dissolution if you put the diffuser under the intake for your 
Eheim and let the filter churn and chop up and trap some of the CO2 in 
adddition. The Pro series is great. I own a 2028, but the classic series 
(2213, 15 17) are the best Eheim Cannisters for CO2 injection IMO because 
there is basically no bypass thru the  filter materials, particularly the 
filter floss, which acts like a big plug and traps a good amount of the CO2, 
which probably increases the dissolution. Eheims do not airlock, IME of doing 
this for 3 years so far. If there is too much CO2 built up in the Classic 
series filters, however, they will simply "burp" and expel any extra CO2 and 
not airlock, like Fluvals, for example. There is a channel in the pump head 
design that pulls gas bubbles up, thru, and out of the filter. This per the 
Eheim US national sales manager. Nice feature because you help avoid a low 
spike in the pH after the lights go off if you do have excess gas in the 

The Pro Series, with its media baskets, allows more bypass and are less 
efficient for CO2 injection, but are easier from a maintneance perspective.

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