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Non-CO2 tanks

Warm greetings and peace to all!

I just wanted to say that I love all and any talk about non-CO2 injected
aquariums and I wish there was more because I KNOW I am not the only one
without it!!

I personally have a ten gallon tank with no CO2 injection and I love
it...seems much more natural and IMHO technology just makes my life so
much more complicated and expensive.  

I am in no way objecting to CO2 injection, as far as I am concerned...to
each his/her own...philosophically I agree with non-CO2.   

Keep it simple!  Life is a mystery to be explored, not a problem to be

Anyways, just wanted to voice an opinion!
Does anyone know of any websites dedticated to us "non-gas injectors??"

Just for everyones info.:
 I have 6 Pristella tetras and 4 ottos, some sagittaria and one nice
Java Fern, 15 watts of full-spectrum flourescent lighting, a BioRio 50
water pump and I do water changes once a week, 35%, and do add some
trace elements (had some left over from the DIY yeast CO2 days!!  hee,

I EVEN have algae...oh no you say!! BUT you know what, the ottos
actually eat it...and I actually like to incourage it to grow.  Imagine
that!  Gotta love nature's mysterious ways...always striving for

I never have been a technology buff and cannot believe how complicated
it gets and I am impressed with how dedicated poeple can be to it!

peace and aquatic plants growing in tanks for all!!
Sean Meister in sunny, spring-time Bitterroot Valley, Montana!