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Re: Differents types of Eustralis Stellata


I've a sneaky feeling you and Chee Ming are referring to this plant: 
<http://toshir0.tripod.com/010101.jpg> (if Tripod moniker appears, cut/paste 
address into browser url bar).

It's been floating around setups here in San Francisco; there's some 
speculation that this might be a Gratiola sp. (officinalis?), or as CK Yeo 
notes, Limnophila aromatica. Maybe Tom has made more progress in terms of 
identification; he'd previously cited opposing leaf arrangements despite 
similar flowers.

In any event, quite variable in coloration as well. For instance, witness 
the same plant in Jeff Kropp's aquarium (listed as "Gratiola" and nestled 
behind a stand of H. corymbosa "compact"). It comes quite close in 
coloration here, to the Rotala indica beside it: 
<http://www.e-aquaria.com/exp_jkropp.html>. An interesting species!

Warm regards,

Erik Leung

On Fri, 1 Feb 2002 "Wayne Wah" <tswah at mbox3_singnet.com.sg> wrote:
Subject: Re: Differents types of Eustralis Stellata

Hello Chee Ming,

This is Wayne from Singapore too. I agree with you there are two types of 
Eustralis Stellata.

The "authentic" one which all of us are trying to grow well grows upwards. 
Its leaves grow around the stem in a horizontal plane. When seen from the 
top, it looks like a spock of a wheel.

The "fake" eustralis stellata has an aroma. It grows slightly slanting.
Even in moderate lighting, the leave nodes are close to one another and it 
will still produce lots of leaves. When viewed from the top, it seems more 
angular and less round than the "real" Eustralis.S. [truncated]

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