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Re: Ideal Water?

>>What does the group consider to be the ideal water in which to raise
plants?  I understand that with large amounts of additional inputs, like CO2
and extra illumination, many plants can be made to grow in just about
anything, but if CO2 is not available and the light is restricted to two or
three WPG, what would the experienced gardeners prefer to have coming out of
their taps?<<

I think many people get to hung up on water parameters. Most plants are
highly adaptable to a significant range of pH, KH, and GH. It's important to
know what the parameters are so you know how to suppliment them, what
minerals to add and how much CO2 to add, but trying to alter the pH, KH, or
GH for the most part is not needed, (unless you have extremes) I havn't
found a plant yet that I can not grow well in tap water no matter what the
parameters are as long as I address the issues of light, CO2 and macro and
trace nutrients. What I liked best about leaving California water behind for
Oregon water, is that in this area the water is NOT chlorinated or
chloramine added. No dechlorinators needed! Which is great because my skin
is highly allergic to them!

Some people say under minimal light it is better to grow plants in soft
water....I dont know if the benefit is enough to make any measurable
difference for plants that simply need more light. I have grown "low light"
plants in hard water just fine.

Robert Paul Hudson
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