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Re: different types of stellata

I just spent a while typing up a response for this
topic and it didn't make it into the digest AGAIN!!!
ARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can something be

Look in the June 1998 issue of TFH.  On pages 100-101
is a plant labeled as Eusteralis verticillata.  It
looks just like the stuff I, Chee Ming, and Bob have
or have had.  Nothing at all like Arthur's stuff. 
Much more leggy and thin stemmed.  Look it up.  

I had not heard of E, verticillata before.  Hard to
believe that it and Arthur's stuff are the same
species.  I don't know about it being L. aromatica....
 Doesn't that stuff have much wider leaves?   


PS  Arthur, please check your mail.  You like the red
tiger lotus right?     

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