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Re: Differents types of Eustralis Stellata

Hello Chee Ming, 

This is Wayne from Singapore too. I agree with you there are two types of
Eustralis Stellata. 

The "authentic" one which all of us are trying to grow well grows upwards.
Its leaves grow around the stem in a horizontal plane. When seen from the
top, it looks like a spock of a wheel. 

The "fake" eustralis stellata has an aroma. It grows slightly slanting.
Even in moderate lighting, the leave nodes are close to one another and it
will still produce lots of leaves. When viewed from the top, it seems more
angular and less round than the "real" Eustralis.S.

I want to share with everyone some new aquatic plants available in trade. 
There are 3 types of Riccia. Big , medium and mini ones. 
The medium one is Crystalwort or Riccia fluitans which all of us has. 
The mini one( Riccia sp.) is a smaller version. 
The big one( Riccia sp.) is much larger and is much fleshy and darker
green.I got the name of the larger version from Aquarium World Magazine
from Taiwan. 

There is also another very interesting kind of Nymphae sp. The usual kind
of Tiger lily has green leaves with red splashes on it. This one has red
leaves and green spots on it! 
It propagates by adventitious plant growing from the centre of a mature
leaf.( Much like nymphoides sp.) 

Wayne Wah from Singapore recovering from surgery.