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RE: APD delivered as HTML

David A. Youngker wrote:

>I have a hair over 100 GB storage (in the new 7600 RPM drives), but do not
>want it filled with fourteen font sizes, 350 font types, 287 eye-glaring
>color combinations, nor everyone's version of "fun" bells, whistles and
>useless animations they use as "sigs".
>Especially if they're going to give me multiple copies with each digest
>because most readers haven't bothered to learn the value of editing since
>they invented the "Reply" key.......................snip

         I have to agree with Davit 100%. I have pretty good machine and 
DSL internet connection, but still I don't want to download 5MB digests 
full of pictures, animations, text and its backgroung in many different 
colours! A few KBytes in text will do just fine.

         What would really help, if more people would use quotes for text 
they are replying to. This way you know what is what.

Just a thought. :-))


Algae farmer from Cambridge,Ont.