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AGA Conference Auction-Defense Fund

Hi everyone,
It was a pleasure to talk to everyone at the Conference last weekend. I met 
many new people and caught up with others I met last year.

Daphne and I ended up with 48 bags of plants sold at the silent auction on 
Saturday. Our cut from the sale of all these plants will be forwarded to the 
Defense Fund managed by John Benn when we receive it. 

I wanted to thank Loh Kwek Leong for his generous donation of Christmas Moss 
and Narrow Leaf Java Fern. The Java Fern brought bids as high as $45, I was 
told. I also wanted to thank James, the fish department manager at Petland in 
Duluth, Georgia, for his generous donation of plants for the auction and bags 
for all the auction items we sold. James is a real plant guy. His store has 
the BEST plant selection in the Atlanta area, and is only 10 minutes from my 
house! Lastly, I wanted to thank Daphne, my partner in this venture for all 
her help, and everyone who bought the plants. We had a ball.