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Re:Multiple tanks on one CO2 pressure system

At 03:48 AM 11/12/01 -0500, Lobos wrote:
>Jim,  You can easily service multiple aquariums with 1
>regulator and tank.  What you need to do is build a
>CO2 manifold that attaches to the regulator.  On this
>manifold you put one needle valve per tank you wish to
>service.  I have a 2 tank manifold that I built from
>parts I got at Home Depot.  It took about $5 in brass
>parts and 2-$20 needle valves.  Alternatively you
>could buy a 6 tank manifold from M3

This is a very good summary.  You can also use my "poor man's manifold", 
which comes free with each needle valve:


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