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Re: Filtration question

Tony wrote:

"This weekend I noticed an increase in visible, floating particulates /
detritus in my 60 gallon tank.  The only filtration I have on the tank is an
Eheim 2213 canister filter with bioballs and floss.  ... I've been
thinking that I need to increase circulation, but I don't want to take up
more room in the tank.  ..."

I just put a Eheim 2028 on a 60 gallon at a friend's house because it
doesn't get any maintenance other than my occasional visit, and I couldn't
stand looking at it any more, and they were on sale cheap at Pet (no s)
Warehouse. It's rated at 275 gph and contains a LOT of filter media. Even
after using it to clean up a bunch of gunk, it's still kicking out a lot of
water and the water is crystal clean. So, overkill definitely works with the
Eheims. OTH, I have a 90 gallon that is essentially filterless at the moment
and it also gets enough tiny floating debris to be annoying. I've found that
vacuuming during the weekly water change and then one day of running a HOT
Magnum using the micron takes care of it well enough for me.