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AGA conference

I would like to say thanks to everyone who worked on the conference, you all
did a great job!  It was my first one and I had lots of fun.  The lectures
were great and Amano was so nice.  His workshop was awesome!  The leaf
seahorses in the quarantine room at the Aquarium were incredible! (Granted
they don't go in a planted tank but they looked like they had leaves stuck
on them, does that count?) Seachem was also generous with the freebies!

Thanks also to all the folks who bid so aggressively on the Defense Fund
plants!  GREAT JOB!

I am curious how long Erik Olsen had to train to run up and down those
aisles like his head was on fire!

I am also looking forward to a posting from Tom Barr on how to set up one of
those incredible gravity-defying upside down tanks he, he!!!  Perhaps that
assists in making sure that CO2 doesn't escape? :)