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Re: azgardens... where is my flourite?

>I would like to share a problem I'm having with azgardens. i ordered 
>6 bags of flourite 4-5 weeks ago and was told via telephone that the 
>order was already packed, would go out the next day and should 
>arrive by monday at the latest. That was 2 1/2 weeks ago. i called 
>and left a message inquiring as to the status of my order. I 
>received no response. i emailed the company and their response was 
>to blame the usps re - the anthrax hype and my mailperson is too 
>lazy to load the truck. I called back but their message mailbox was 
>full and i couln't leave a message. This is an unacceptable way to 
>conduct business. I will be charging back my credit card...   ken s

Well I don't know what is going on with AZgardens but I can tell you 
why they haven't shipped your Flourite. They are currently over 140 
days past due with us. We have not shipped to them since July because 
of non payment.

-Greg Morin

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