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Re: Plants for Discus Temperatures

Rob Keniger wrote:

One of the LFSs here which seems fairly clued up on plants (they are a
Dupla dealer) has some native Australian shrimp for sale and I will try
them instead. If any Aussies on this list have shrimp recommendations
I'd like to hear them.

I'd like to hear who has them for sale here in the states and any links
to info on them. Could you give us a genus/species name for them?

Also, I am very intrigued by Tom's  comments on Discus. Hitherto I
thought I was forbidden to have them. My ph is usually 6.8-7.2, dkH 6-7
and temp 78. Too stressful? Temp too low? Too much pH fluctuation? If
not then money would be the only prohibitive factor.