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Re: Plants for Discus Temperatures

on 15/3/01 3:13 AM, Kyle at Kyle10500 at webtv_net wrote:

> One of the LFSs here which seems fairly clued up on plants (they are a
> Dupla dealer) has some native Australian shrimp for sale and I will try
> them instead. If any Aussies on this list have shrimp recommendations
> I'd like to hear them.
> - ---------------------------------------------------------
> I'd like to hear who has them for sale here in the states and any links
> to info on them. Could you give us a genus/species name for them?

Unfortunately the guy I spoke to at the LFS had no idea. I will try to find
someone there who can tell me, or get them to find out for me. To me they
looked very similar to the pics of Amano shrimp but I guess most shrimp
do... ;-)


Rob Keniger

big bang solutions

<mailto:rob at bigbang_net.au>