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Re: Cryptocoryne book

Tomoko wrote "I found "Cryptocorynen" by Jacobsen
(1982) mentioned in the Krib.  Does anyone know
where to find this book?  If there is another book
specializing in Crypt, please let me know the name
and where to find it."

I reply

http://users.bart.nl/~crypts/ has a lot of info on 
Crypts.  At the bottom of each specie page there are 
many references.  Very few of these are books, but 
there are some books listed.  Neils Jacobsen 
(Jacobsen, N., 1982. Cryptocorynen. Alfred Kernen 
Verlag, Stuttgart: Niels Jacobsen (cant remember the 
year) Aquarium Plants), Kasslemann (Kasselmann, C., 
1995. Aquarienpflanzen. Ulmer, Stuttgart), Rataj 
(Rataj, K. & Horeman, T.J., 1977. Aquarium Plants. 
TFH Publ, USA), Wit (Wit, H.C.D.de, 1971.
Aquarienpflanzen. Ulmer, Stuttgart) are listed.  
The most readily available is Rataj.  The others 
are rare in the US, I don't know about elsewhere.  
Wit has his 1971 text translated into English by 
Blandford publishing.  You can find these 
occasionally by using http://www.abebooks.com/  
Usually you need to have these books shipped in 
from the UK.  Juri Stoloda (sp?) has a 1970's 
timeframe TFH book.  There isn't too much here 
that isn't in the Rataj TFH book.

The best review that I have seen of the genus 
Cryptocoryne is Rataj's Revision work (Rataj, K., 
1975. Revision of the genus Cryptocoryne Fischer. 
Studie CSAV, c.3.Praha.)  Again, it's tough to get 
your hands on this and to the best of my knowledge 
all pictures/drawings are in black and white.

I have yet to find the Cryptocorynen book.  I've 
been looking for better than a year.  

There are a couple of other authors, Baensch and 
Tepoot (Sp?).  These books are available.  Baensch 
has information and small color pictures.  There 
are three useful texts and each has only a small 
portion dedicated to plants.  There are only a few 
crypts listed in each text.  Tepoot is a wonderful 
coffee table book on plants.  It has great pictures 
and little else.  There is fairly good coverage of 

Cross your fingers the Kasselmann book should be 
out in English soon.  If anyone finds a text with 
good coverage of Crypts, I'd love to hear about it!

Good Luck,


newellcr at yahoo_com

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