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Re: Plants for Discus Temperatures

on 13/3/01 10:51 PM, Bill Westbrook at billwest at igs_net wrote:

> Aquatic Gardening Information for Discus Tanks
> According to the Aquarium Plants Manual by Ines Scheurmann, the following
> will grow at water temperatures up to 86 deg F (30 deg C):

Excellent list of plants, thanks. I have a Discus/Plant tank that up until a
few weeks ago I was running at 30 deg C. Tom Barr suggested that this was
not necessary and that reducing the temperature to 26 or 27 deg C (about 81F
I think) would be OK.

So far everything is going well - the plants have noticeably improved and
one of my Discus pairs spawned yesterday. I am not convinced that Discus
truly require the high temperatures people say they - except perhaps for
breeding, which I am not attempting.

The main reason I wanted to reduce the temp was to try some Amano shrimp - I
have since discovered that invertebrates are a prohibited import in
Australia so that option is gone. One of the LFSs here which seems fairly
clued up on plants (they are a Dupla dealer) has some native Australian
shrimp for sale and I will try them instead. If any Aussies on this list
have shrimp recommendations I'd like to hear them.


Rob Keniger

big bang solutions

<mailto:rob at bigbang_net.au>