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Re: lights

Thanks Tom & Ivo on your lighting color temperature advice.  I have gathered 
from Ivo's research, found on Robert H's website, GE Aquaray Fresh & 
Saltwater's PUR values are rather good and appropriate for plants (and 
recognizing that Ivo's data is from the NO 40W version of that GE model and 
not the CF tube).

It's certainly my desire to balance out the pinkish hue of the Aquaray Fresh 
& Saltwater with a different color.  The question is with what?  I was 
thinking that something warmish would be appropriate from and aesthetical 
and botanical perspective, that is, something that is yellow to the eye.  Do 
either one of you gentlemen or others on this list have a specific 
recommendation, e.g. GE SPX 35, 41, 50, Chroma 50, etc.?  I note that to my 
eyes Tritons are nowhere as pink as the Aquaray Fresh & Saltwater.  In any 
event, I was thinking of something even warmer than Tritons.
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