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Re: the barley straw discussion; and ads...

> Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 07:44:21 -0400
> From: "heinesen" <heinesen at idirect_ca>
> Subject: the barley straw discussion; and ads...


>  ... Is it the fact that barley straw generates a more
> technical/"interesting" discussion which certain list members find more
> captivating?  Or have I missed something?  I have to admit, that I usually
> just skip over them.

The barley straw thread addresses the prime source of paranoia for many
plant-tank purists -- algae. It never would have occurred to me that that
was *not* a plant-related subject. :-)

> Also, I am wondering why some list members are hanging things like
> advertising at the bottoms of their messages.  Some weeks ago, I even saw
> passages from the bible.  Just asking...

Gitte, the short files at the bottom of messages used to be considered a
mandatory common courtesy in all electronic messages. Rapid growth of the
internet has, unfortunately, let such niceties drop by the wayside. It is
vital in such areas as aquaria, that the sender of list messages *always*
clearly indicate location, for answers will vary wildly depending on that
variable. Let your editor just do it automatically.

All e-mail editors I have seen have a mechanism for attaching a short text
file for this purpose. It is often called a .sig file from the DOS file
extension it often carries. It should not be more than about 4 lines long,
to avoid hogging archive space and wasting "bandwidth." ["Enters" only use
one character, so blank lines don't count.] It should always contain two
important things. One is an approximate location -- country (if small),
province or state or even city (if large). The other is an alternate
non-list means of contact. It's less important if your real e-mail addy is
in the header. A slogan, favorite quote or touch of humor (that wears thin,
like mine below, on about the 4th reading) and a web page are sometimes
useful, fun or desirable add-ons that fit the space.

My e-mail is spelled out to frustrate the SPAM robots when I post to Usenet
groups (rare, these days).

I include a favorite web page (for the millions of "politically homeless,"
who need it in this season) until I get www.wrighthuntley.com on line and
better organized. When I do, you will be able to find out a lot about me and
mine by just clicking on it. The draft has about 45-50 species of my killies
listed, for example, but no pics of my planted tanks, yet. An Ad? I never
considered it to be one, but I guess one might think a hobby site offering
something for sale or trade *is* advertising.

Personally, I strongly *prefer* it if people with true commercial aquatic
connections make those facts known. I am certainly not forced to go to their
web page. YMMV.


Wright Huntley, Fremont CA, USA, 510 494-8679  huntleyone at home dot com

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