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Re: the barley straw discussion; and ads...

Gitte writes:

<snip>> I am not trying to start trouble; I am truly wondering, what the
>  criteria are (other than adhering/not to the list guidelines which are
>  published).  Is it the fact that barley straw generates a more
>  technical/"interesting" discussion which certain list members find more
>  captivating?  Or have I missed something?  I have to admit, that I usually
>  just skip over them.

Algae control is an important issue in planted tanks, where we tend to feed 
the algae as well as the vascular plants.

>  Also, I am wondering why some list members are hanging things like
>  advertising at the bottoms of their messages.  Some weeks ago, I even saw
>  passages from the bible.  Just asking...

Those are called "Sigs" and are commonly accepted on mailing lists.  On this 
one, the rules permit 4 lines.  We use them to make moral or political 
statements, advertise stuff related to the atmosphere of the list (in our 
case aquariums), make our URLs known, or just have fun.  The only one I know 
of who regularly exceeds the 4-line limit, is ListMom, who posts the six 
thousand email lists she runs.  Not that she posts here regularly.  The post 
she made yesterday was the first one I've seen that wasn't administrative in 

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