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Bristlenose & Clown Plecs

Just wanted to post a tidbit about the above mentioned fish. I removed both 
from a tank where I was having trouble with sword plants being damaged. I 
also noticed a lot of uprooting of small crypts and shoots that were newly 
planted, as they scouted around for food. I figured they probably don't do 
much in the way of work around the tank, since I provide supplemental 
feeding, so I removed them. I gave them to a friend locally, who has many 

BTW, these were the easiest fish I've ever caught. The clown plec took all of 
about 10 seconds. I removed his driftwood, he scurried in the corner and down 
came the net. The bristlenose was a bit harder, because he wanted to hide in 
a java fern-covered driftwood. Still he didn't run from the net, I just had 
to try to get him off the driftwood!

Anyway, less than a week later, the front of the tank is getting pretty mucky 
in spots. I assume the bristlenose did his cleanup at night. This kept the 
glass reasonably clean--enough that I was only occasionally (like every few 
months) having to wipe it down, and occasionally remove those tufts of 
staghorn. Now it's evident that his nightly grazing was sufficient to keep 
the glass clear.

Of course, I suppose I could get him back if I wanted, but what about those 
sword plants?