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the barley straw discussion; and ads...

Eckardt Wrote:

>All this talk about barley straw has me wondering:
>what's the difference (for our purposes) between barley straw and wheat or
>oat straw?

Actually, it has me wondering something else.  Not that I don't find it
extreeeeemely interesting :-) but, I have seen several negative comments in
recent months, some of these coming from "the heavy weights" (no offense
intended) about people asking questions or starting discussions that are not
about aquatic plants.   Now, this discussion about barley straw, which has
been recently been resurrected, ran for several weeks last time around, and
now it's been running for a couple of weeks this time.  I am wondering, what
makes barley straw more discussion-worthy than some of the other topics that
come up from time-to-time, for which people sometimes get ignored or
lambasted?  I am not trying to start trouble; I am truly wondering, what the
criteria are (other than adhering/not to the list guidelines which are
published).  Is it the fact that barley straw generates a more
technical/"interesting" discussion which certain list members find more
captivating?  Or have I missed something?  I have to admit, that I usually
just skip over them.

Also, I am wondering why some list members are hanging things like
advertising at the bottoms of their messages.  Some weeks ago, I even saw
passages from the bible.  Just asking...