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Removal of fish

I posted a few weeks ago about removing fish from a heavily planted tank . I
got many responses and gave it considerable thought . The method I used ,
and I can`t remember if it was suggested to me or if I thought of it myself
. If it`s my idea
 then , I`m A GENIOUS ! If it`s someone elses idea...thank you very much .
    I got a piece of plexiglass and placed it into my 55G at an angle so
fish could get by on one side only , and my net on the opposite side eagerly
awaiting any clown loach to come by . As I moved my hand through the plants
the fish moved to the small enclosed area and I changed the position of the
plexiglass to cover the entire width of the tank essentially trapping them
where I could easily get at them . This took one try at "beating the bush ",
and I got all 6 loaches in less than 3 minutes tops . Less strain on the
fish and definetely less stress on me . All Clown Loaches are now happily
homed in a  30G long . They thank me by the smiles on their faces .
                                  D. Thornton
                                  Wilmington , Ohio